Googlemaps and google shopping

I have always used google but didn’t know about all the different searches it has.

I looked up my sister’s house in New Jersey and will be nice to show the grandkids how to tracl Santa.

Thanks for showing me a new world with google.


Tools and podcasts

I found the pocasts very entertaining.  I listened to the one on Montreal.  These are going to b e fun.

Also I did use the tools and found them exciting.  I looked up my grandparents in southern Illinois where my father was born.

Plan to do more on both.

Thank you


These are the most beautiful cats in the world. Nothing more perfect.



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My nine grandchildren on Mother’s Day 2008

Me and kids

Me and kids

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My children and grandson Brian

First Post

Hi this is my first blog and I thought I would mention that I just finished the book the Nineteenth Wife.  I enjoyed this novel/fiction.   Hope to read many more.

Hello world!

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